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We design protection and control panels to cater for various applications according to customer requirements using latest technology relays available on the market.

Our panel designs take numerous factors into consideration such as: ambient conditions, site installation and personnel safety without compromising the ease of operation, security, maintenance and commissioning.
We have provided different types and levels of substation automation in past years, starting from automatic controls using programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to SCADA remote terminal unit (RTU) based systems.
Our control and protection panels provide a combination of software and hardware to control and supervise the electrical power generation and the distribution plant. All of the signals are sent and managed to the RTU whereby the data is further sent to the control room. Therefore an operator can monitor and control the substation system remotely.

Our design solution process include the following:

  • Design of protection schemes and systems appropriate to the application.
    Selection of high quality equipment Relays, Annunciators, Test blocks and all wiring ancillaries.
  • Relay programming customised to the protection scheme as required.
  • Preparation of wiring interface to different switchgear panels and types.
  • Schematic drawings & wiring lists using advanced automated CAD software.
  • Factory assembly and wiring of designed system.
  • System testing to the scheme drawing to verify the functions of equipment, manufacture and design

Enclosure Design:

  • Enclosure typical dimensions
    2050 x 800 x 800 mm
    1900 x 600 x 600 mm
    Custom sized enclosures
  • Free standing, floor fixing holes provided on bottom frame.
  • Hinged front and rear doors, both lockable to prevent access to unauthorized personnel.
  • Front access for operation.
  • Rear access for cable interface.
  • Removable side panels, ventilation if required. 
  • Various types of mounting plates with custom made cut-outs for different relays and equipment including standard 19” type.
  • Bottom cable entry, optional at the top.
  • Cable supports and removable gland plates.
  • Internal ambient control and lighting including door switch.
  • Lifting points available.
  • Common earth bar along enclosure.


  • Supervision of statuses of each incomer or feeder therefore providing overall accurate monitoring.
  • Logic control of the individual switchboard by means of issuing immediate commands.
  • Logic control of the substation by means of issuing immediate general commands.
  • Programmable Interlocks in order to ensure safety of operations.
    Increases overall working efficiency.
  • Recording of sequence of events.

Typical Control & Protection Panels include:

  • Line Feeder Panel
  • Transformer Differential Protection Panel
  • Busbar Protection Panel
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator Panel

Communication protocols used in our electrical protection systems:

  • Modbus
  • IEC 60870-101/103
  • IEC 61850

Management of the measuring and protection instruments:

  • Upload the instrument setting files directly to the IED (Intelligent Electrical Device).
  • Upload/download of the parameters to/from the database on the basis of changes in the utilization of the plant.


Protection & Control Solutions