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MSGair - Medium Voltage, Air Insulated, Switchgear


The MSGair switchgear is a medium voltage, metal enclosed, air-insulated device that is easy to install, maintain, and operate. It has a modular design, can be expanded from both sides, and is optimized for industrial and utility applications. With a focus on personnel safety, it has been tested to IEC 62271-200 standards and can be configured in various substation configurations.


  • HV
  • LV

The Substations are self-contained load centers, with metal clad 11kV circuit breaker ring main unit, a 11/0.4kV transformer and a low voltage board for distribution. The Substations come in galvanised sheet steel, with lockable doors, ventilation louvers, and a lifting base structure. Personnel safety is ensured through three separate compartments with varying IP protection degrees.

Protection & Control Solutions

  • SAFE

We design custom protection and control panels that meet customer requirements and use advanced relays for various applications, taking into account factors such as safety, ease of operation, maintenance, and commissioning. Our solutions offer substation automation ranging from PLC-based controls to SCADA RTU-based systems. The panels use software and hardware to control and monitor electrical power generation and distribution, and allow for remote operation and monitoring. Our solutions have been installed in substations ranging from 11kV to 132kV switchgear.

Mobile Substations


Mobile substations are compact and mounted on a trailer, offering flexibility for fast integration and easy transportation. The module includes necessary equipment for a complete substation, offering a quick and cost-effective alternative for a reliable power supply. Other benefits include maximum operator safety, minimum site work, and resistance to harsh weather conditions.


  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Service

Our committed and experienced team of engineers ensures optimal mechanical and electrical designs to meet the customer requirements through the use of the latest software and engineering techniques to prepare the necessary design documentation. Clients can thereby develop an idea from concept, design, prototype, testing and product validation prior to manufacturing with the shortest lead time and minimal costs.

Low Voltage Switchboards

Medelec is a certified panel builder for Schneider Electric’s Prisma range, which includes the Prisma P and Prisma G families of switchboards.

Prisma is famous for its simple, certified, functional systems for safe, upgradeable LV switchboards up to 4000A. This range of products has an universal appeal and can be found all over the world in various applications varying from retail outlets to hospitals, hotels and infrastructural complexes such as airports and train networks.

Automatic Switch Controller (ATS)

  • Reliable power transfer between sources
  • Ensures maximum continuity of service
  • 2 or 3 source systems
  • Programmable logic to fit customer requirements
  • Synchronism check option on source restoration
  • Multi-voltage control operation
  • Front panel operator interface via mimic
  • Interfaces to different MV/LV switchgear types
  • Applications: substations, hospitals, desalination
  • plants & data centres