Compact Substations


Our Substations are factory assembled compact units and are designed to provide a completely self contained load centre.

In order to provide personnel protection from high voltages, the substations have three separate compartments:

  • HV Compartment
  • LV Compartment
  • Transformer compartment

Each unit is comprised of three individual main assemblies and a typical substation would include:

  • One metal clad 11kV, gas insulated, circuit breaker ring main unit available from our range;
  • One 11/0.4kV 500kVA , 1000kVA or 1500kVA dry¬†or sealed transformer.
  • One low voltage board for distribution of output from 500kVA or 1000kVA transformer;

The Enclosure is of galvanised sheet steel, free standing, outdoor type on steel base. Steel plate and channels are used for the fabricated base structure and finished with polyester electrostatic powder paint. Lockable doors are provided for access to the transformer, HV and LV compartments. Ventilation louvers are provided to supply adequate ventilation for the transformer compartment.

The Substations base have been designed for lifting from the underbase.

The internal connection from the 11kV ring main unit to the transformer is made by cross-linked polyethylene cable and elbow or straight plug-in connectors. The connections from the transformer low voltage side to the LV board are made with high conductivity solid busbars.

Protection degree:

  • IP 34D for HV and LV compartments
  • IP 22D for transformer compartment

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