Automatic Transfer Switch

The Automatic Control Switch (ATS) controls the switching between two or more electrical power sources connected on the same network.  Automatic switching is required in order to ensure maximum continuity of service when one of the sources is lost due to fault or any other power loss.  The ATS system is highly reliable and can be engineered to meet customer needs and requirements.  System integration is possible on both MV and LV networks.  Typical applications for ATS include substations, hospitals, desalination plants, data centres, factories and other critical loads which require secure power supply.

Caractéristiques :

  • 2 or 3 source systems.
  • Programmable logic to fit customer requirements.
  • Synchronism check option on source restoration.
  • Multi-voltage control operation.
  • Front panel operator interface via mimic.
  • Interfaces to different MV/LV switchgear types.
  • Enclosure typical dimensions: 1875 x 600 x 450 mm or Custom sized enclosure
  • Free standing, floor fixing holes provided on bottom frame.
  • Hinged front door, lockable to prevent access to unauthorized personnel.
  • Front access for operation.
  • Cable supports and removable gland plates.
  • Lifting points available.
  • Common earth bar along enclosure

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