Our Team

The Management

Rajab Shalfouh Alrtami
Managing Director
Mr. Alrtami, a graduate in Electrical Engineering, came to Medelec as Managing Director, in 2015. He carries with him 25 years’ experience in various executive positions with General Electricity Company of Libya. During these 25 years he was involved in different sectors of the electrical industry, from contracts, Finance, participation in committees for the evaluation of offers, supervision of project committees and maintenance, inspection of equipment and installation. This enabled him to acquire an extensive experience which puts him in a very good position to understand clients’ exigencies when it comes to submitting offers to them.
Saviour Zammit
General Manager
In 1988 Saviour joined Medelec's team as a contracts engineer after having worked with Malta's electricity company for several years. With more than 35 years in the industry, Saviour has worked across all facets of the electricity sector, from generation, distribution, contracts engineering, design, manufacture, testing and commissioning and project management. In 2007 Saviour was in charge of Medelec’s associate company in Libya. In 2014 Saviour returned to the head office in Malta to take on the role of the General Manager of Medelec.
Joseph Mary Bezzina
Finance Manager
Mr. Bezzina is a Certified Public Accountant and joined Medelec in 1981. During his time with the Company he gathered a wealth of experience in Company financial matters and in conducting business with financial institutions and large corporations both local and foreign. He also served as an Administrator for the Company’s office in Libya for a short time. Mr. Bezzina was appointed Finance Manager in 2014 and is well versed in modern financial systems for better administration and management of commercial entities’ funds.
Romuald Brincat
Manufacturing Manager
Romuald started his career in the aviation industry as an aircraft engine development engineer. Here he sharpened his attention to details and the importance of standards and procedures. In 1995 Romuald joined the Medelec Team as a manufacturing engineer responsible for product design and fabrication. Since 2008 Romuald occupied the position of Manufacturing Manager in charge of operations and product design and development. In this position he further polished his experience in plant, process and product Management and played a key role in the development of a new range of products for Medelec.
David Fenech
Commercial Manager
David joined Medelec in 2014 bringing with him a commercial and business development background in various fields spanning 30 years in industries including manufacturing, oil and gas, safety engineering, training and consultancy. His career is enhanced with an international perspective having worked in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. He heads the sales and purchasing functions within the management team.

Sales Engineers

Alex Azzopardi
Business Development Engineer
Alex has served Medelec since 2003 holding various engineering roles, making him the ideal and most experienced tendering engineer in the team. In the last three years he has stepped up to the challenge of joining the business development side of the company and has proven to be a reliable member of the product design function and the tendering and sales efforts of the company, specializing in medium and low voltage equipment.