Medelec Summer BBQ 2021

19 August 2021

The Social Committee of Medelec Switchgear Ltd organized its annual summer event based on the theme of sustainability this year where a BBQ was hosted on site at our factory in Bulebel.

In the preparatory work, wooden tables and benches were designed and built using wood from packaging of products and equipment that is purchased for our normal business activities. The BBQ itself was built from off cuts of steel used in the production of our MSGair switchgear, while the fuel for the cooking came from scraps of wood used in packaging.

Most of the staff were involved in one way or another in the planning, purchasing, delivering and setting up of the cooking and dining areas, complete with bar and sound system. The personnel also helped with cooking, distribution of food and serving of drinks and ice creams as dessert, not to mention clearing up the furniture and equipment after the event itself.

Current COVID 19  rules were respected throughout the activity and, as always, a great time was had by all.

We all look forward for the next social event – let’s hope its not too far off…