40th Anniversary celebrations – Staff Past and Present

13 November 2017


As part of Medelec’s 40th Anniversary celebrations the people behind the company were awarded with a Family Day at the Corinthia San Gorg in St Julian’s. This activity was aimed at all Medelec employees, past and present, as well as their families in recognition of their loyalty and hard work over the years.

It was an occasion where current emplotyees could catch up with retired employees, all ambassadors for the good name, products and services that Medelec has delivered throughout the last 4 decades.

It was also an exciting opportunity for the spouses, partners and children could all meet and participate in a well organised compendium of games and activities suitable for all ages and abilities, creating a competition resounding with howls of laughter and a general atmosphere of good fun.

This successful event would not have happened without the enthusiasm and hard work put into it by Elizabeth, Josielle and Romina.

Compliments must also go to the deserving staff of the hotel, who served all those present with breakfast, lunch and high tea throughout the day.


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