About Us

Medelec Switchgear Ltd. was founded in 1977 and started its primary operations as an assembly plant for distribution switchgear and transformers under licence from GEC of England.

Since commencing operations, Medelec grew and expanded its activities, investing heavily in plant equipment, human resource development to become a leading key player in the North African market. Medelec has delivered an extensive range of products ranging  from MV switchgear to compact substations, Control and Protection panels incorporating the latest digital technology for new or as replacements for existing substations.

Medelec’s main office, design, development and production facilities are located in the Mediterranean country of Malta. Malta is well known for its strategic location in the heart of the Mediterranean being just 96km south of Sicily and 290km north of Africa, Malta has a long history of serving as a bridge between Europe and Africa. Throughout the years Medelec has continued to serve this tradition having successfully delivered numerous successful projects to North African countries such as Libya, Tunis, United Arab Emirates and Jordan amongst others.

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Our mission is to deliver value to our clients by providing high-quality, reliable electrical power engineering solutions with a strong emphasis on service and customisation.


Our commitment to the very best in quality, reliability and service will lead to continuous improvement in our products, services and processes as well as greater client satisfaction and confidence. This will allow us to become the provider of choice in the markets we operate in.


We are:

  1. Passionate about quality

We accomplish our work by considering every aspect involved, no matter how small.

  1. Committed to reliability

We act with integrity and respect in order to build trust and fulfil our promises to all our stakeholders.

  1. Focused on service

We make our clients and their specific needs a primary focus of our actions by developing and sustaining an attitude of service.

We are proud to be Medelec.

Quality Assurance 

Medelec Switchgear has a complete Quality Management System (QMS), which complies with, and is certified to ISO 9001:2015. The company’s main objectives are to provide high-end, safe, reliable and cost effective solutions. This is achieved by modern quality procedures and manufacturing techniques applied within the company.

Processes within the company are continuously monitored, measured and analysed. Actions are taken when results do not meet objectives providing a drive for continuous improvement.

Medelec strives to enhance customer satisfaction by maintaining on-going initiatives to improve the quality and reliability of products. The delivery of defect free products and services on time is imperative.

Medelec’s customer-minded engineers work closely with customers in order to provide customised and technical solutions.

Medelec Quality Policy link: Quality Policy ISO9001:2015

ISO Certificate

Our History


Medelec Switchgear Ltd. was founded with it’s primary operations as an assembly plant for distribution switchgear and transformers

Awarded First Major Contract

Medelec is awarded its first major contract of 50 substations in Libya supplying the BVP17 oil circuit breaker 11kV switchgear


VMX – Medelec starts producing its first 11kV VMX vacuum insulated circuit breaker switchboard. This new switchboard could also provide extensions to the BVP 17 switchboard.


HMX – Medelec starts producing it’s first 30kV switchboard. The switchboard’s vacuum interrupters are insulated in SF6 gas.

Opening of Tripoli Office

Medelec opens a representative office in Tripoli whereby the staff assists in project monitoring and co-ordination of relative site commissioning work.

10 Years in Operation

Medelec celebrates 10 years in operation by hosting a Technology Transfer Seminar.

Plant Expansion

Medelec expands it's premises by 750 m² in order to accommodate it's growing activities

Plant Expansion

Medelec expands it's premises further by investing in a nearby factory premises of 860m²

Quality Certification

Medelec achieves ISO 9001 Quality Certification

20 Years in Operation

Medelec Celebrates 20 years in operation

MV12 Launch

Medelec launches its 11kV air insulated switchgear

First supply of WI

Medelec supplies the WI Gas Insultated switchgear rated up to 52kV

Regional Conference of Cigre´

Medelec participates in the 4th Regional Conference of Cigre Committees in Arab Countries

First supply of WS

Medelec starts supplying the WS 36kV gas insulated switchgear

Joint venture company establishment

Medelec establishes another joint venture company in Libya with the purpose of manufacturing some of its low voltage and medium voltage switchgear in Libya.

First Supply of GHA

Medelec supplies its first GHA Gas Insulated switchboard with ratings up to 36kV

30 years in Operation

Medelec celeberates 30 years in operation

First supply of F35

Medelec supplies its first F35 Gas Insulated switchgear rated at 66kV

Medelec goes Green

Medelec further invests in its plant by installing a 495 PV panels installation having a projected annual power production of 200,000kWh

MSGair Launch

Medelec Launches it's latest 11kV air insulated switchgear

Middle East Electricity Fair

Medelec Switchgear Ltd. will be exhibiting at the Middle East Electricity Fair in Dubai, UAE, between the 2nd and 5th of March 2015.  

40 years in Operation

Medelec celebrates 40 years in Operation